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Wallpaper Removal

"Removing wallpaper yourself will be the

most fun you’ve never had in your life:"

Wallpaper removal can be an incredibly frustrating and dirty job. There are many DIY tools on the market that make wallpaper removal look easy, and you can try removing old wallpaper yourself. However, you will discover that it is not such an easy job after all, and calling in a professional crew from Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC will save you a lot of grief. Plus, we can complete the project for you by texturing the walls to match whatever texture you already have in your home after the wallpaper is removed; painting the walls after they are textured; & replacing all of the items you/we have to take off the walls. This way you can unload the whole project on us: and as with our drywall patches, our wallpaper renovation/removal projects are guaranteed for as long as you own your home.


!!! Don't End Up With This !!!

STOP! & call us when this starts to happen. 

Sterling Drywall Repair Pros have removed acres of wallpaper throughout the years. We know exactly how to complete your wallpaper project without damaging the sheetrock & then having to spend twice the time preping & texturing it. 

!!! Unload This Frustrating Project On Us !!!

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